About the Company

PERFECT FEATURES is a film production company established in 2014 by screenwriter, actress and novelist, Marisa Calin. Partnering with Crystal Chappell’s OPEN BOOK PRODUCTIONS, the company brought its first feature, A Million Happy Nows, to the screen later in 2017. Written by Calin, the character driven film premiered on the festival circuit in January 2017, and was officially selected for most major LGBT festivals throughout the year.
In December 2017, German distributor Pro-Fun Media released the film in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein and Luxembourg with the title Millionen Momente Voller Glück.. Gravitas Ventures released the film on Video-on-Demand including iTunes and Amazon Video in the U.S and Canada in January 2018, under the title 1 Million Happy Nows and on DVD and Bluray in North America in May 2018. Release in Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia is scheduled for Summer 2018 by Creative Century.
Merchandise relating to the film is now available at perfectfeaturesfilm.com.